I know this isn't a proper place to confess this. This place is full of stupidity and evil but I need to get my fens ou somewhere and
somehow. I have told you have much I love you but I didn't tell you that I am in loge with you; even to the exstent that I wanted and still want you to be my wife. Now knowing how you feel has destroyed me and I am unaware of whether or not I will be able to maintain my sanity withou you in my life. I would have given anything for you to be my bride.

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  • So much evil and stupidity in this confession.

  • Poster:
    This was typed on a cell phone and it was giving me h***.
    You apparently like making fun of people because of their mistakes. I feel sorry for the relationships you will have. Even if I don't have any relationship at all for the rest of my life; I know that at least I treated others well. You on the other hand, even if you have many great relationships, know that you treated others badly when they made mistakes. How about you try to work on that and become a better person?

  • I'm the perfect person with perfect relationships but thanks for the tip. My point wasn't about your spelling at all but the fact you preface your confession by saying how much this place sucks "BUT I gotta tell somebody"
    You're a jackhole, maybe that's your problem?

  • People put a lot of s*** on here, that was my point and yet I wanted to confess. Lets make an analogy, I know that a lot of people have said many bad things on facebook and made a lot of bad profiles and yet I make a profile for myself because I want to use it to communicate with my friends. Something wrong with that? I can use this site the way that I want. The "Jackhole" Or what I think you meant was J******; seems to be you, who seems to be trying to find something to make yourself seem smart, thus a troll.

  • if she does not want you she does not deserve you,

    there are pleanty of nicer and more loving people out there...move on and things will get better.

    'Don't look for the write one in life. YOU be the right one!

  • Thank you.

  • she does not want!

  • Poster: I think it's obvious that she doesn't want me and that's clearly what I am saying. My battle isn't the fact that she doesn't want me but it's an inward battle; dealing with my feelings for her. If you have ever loved then you know that if you're away from the one that you love, you have a constant pulling at your heart that terrorizes you. It's not about learning whether or not she likes me but rather learning how to live with the fact that she doesn't.

  • Seems sad but you mispelled a lot so it is confusing.

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