I love workplace bullying

And i want to read the comments of those who love it just like me, we are anoynmous here so if you secretely love when your boss enslave and humiliate you in order to make you deserve your money then tell it , i am a natural born suck up so i want to meet other people like me here and know your experiences of bullying in the workplace, you know , that place were we can get our money and that is also a perfect place for worship :D (even phisical worship since fortunately some managers already expect their workers to bow down and kiss their feet, but unfortunately they still can't do that in front of everyone)



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  • Another dumbass who can't leave his fetish alone for six f****** seconds. I am so done with this subspecies.

  • I don't really care you know , even better , now i will do it more just to show you that you don't have the right to suppose that i should give a s*** about it, i play with my fetishes as much as i f****** want you handicapped s*** , go f****** kill yourself

  • So insecure. You "love" bullying but you can't handle an honest opinion. Just shows how fragile you really are. Take your own advice and kill your own self =)

  • Nah i am not fragile , but what you said is wrong so you must shut the f*** up , don't expect to say something wrong and even pass by like it is nothing especially when you say them with such attitude , you attacked me , and i did that to you , you asked for it , and if i could put my hands on you i would have destroyed you , making you wish for such soft reaction based on a comment filled with insults , i write this post to catch the attention of whoever agree with me , not to be bothered by the d**** who don't agree, keep that in mind you m************ retarded s***

  • Sorry, but that's just plain sick. I'm a man who experienced a lot of verbal bulying from my former female boss. Then one day I had it enough, got into her office and firmly told her that she should stop with such disrespecting feminist behavior because I had it enough, told her to "enjoy in h***" with a big grin on my face, left my resignation letter and slammed her door as hard as I could. It was one of the best moments in my life.

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