Is it love?

I consider myself happilly married and love my husband. He is good and carying but sometimes i feel alone as he works a lot and long hours. even when home it feels he's absent and in his working problems!
I also work and have this good working collegue i often have coffe or lunch with. it feels good to be with him and eay to atlk as we come from same professional background and understand the issues we work with. when he is not around I feel I miss him and I longto see him. Although I never phelt phisical attraction or had any sexual phantazies about him i do feel i need his presence and it makes me happy to be arud him. could this be love?

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  • This is obviously written by a bored young boy.

  • Learn how to spell.

  • your already cheating in your heart.

  • There's a difference between considering yourself happily married and being happy in your marriage. Before you court disaster by wading into hot water with this man, you need to decide which it is that you are. Are you happy in your marriage? Or is it just matter of considering that what you have with your husband meets some vague defintion of a happy marriage by conventional (or worse, comparative) standards? Be clear about where you are and where you want to go, and prepare yourself for the journey, and its risks and rewards.

  • Yes, it certainly could be. The only way to find out for sure is to keep seeing him and keep getting closer and closer to him. Make him feel special. Do little thoughtful things for him. Bring him small gifts. Tell him how happy he makes you and how good it always is to see him and to be around him, especially when it's just the two of you. Be bold. If there's s** in the air, don't be afraid to make the first move. Get in the habit of kissing him on the cheek when you meet or part company (unless there are other people around), and then gradually allow the kisses to drift closer to the lips, until the lips are always involved, and then begin to linger. And allow the hugs that accompany those kisses to become more intense and longer. And when you hug, try to "accidentally" rub your hip -- or your hand! -- against his fly on occasion. Don't be coy. Be brazen. Make your availability clear and unambiguous. If you want him, don't wait for him: go out and get him.

  • people are going to come here to your space and call you ugly names and say your cheating on your husband even tho theres been no s**. dont listen. what your feeling isnt love its loneliness. a longing for companionship attention and intimacy because you arent getting ANY of that from your husband. if you can get that from your male friend thats wonderful and you should get that from him and give him the opportunity to give it to you. thats not even cheating even if you do begin to have fantasies about cheating. once your in a deeper relationship with your new man then the two of you can decide if you want the relationship to extend into the bedroom. or the back seat of your car. if you do that you must be sure to have clear ground rules about where the foul lines and out of bounds are because once youve opened your legs to a new man your not going to be thinking about your husband. your only going to be thinking about how you can get more and more and more of the new man inside your body. its okay to have this relationship and its even okay for it to include s** (no matter what the moralists tell you here) but you just have to be clear with the new man about what you want and how far youll go and where it has to stop.

    have fun and enjoy your men. all of them.

  • growing luv n friendship iz all gud but certainly never cross the thin line of boundary wch can humper ur happily married lyf.

  • why are you sharing confidences with another man over coffee? stop coming on to him

  • What you describe isn't, by itself, love. Love is . . . well, you know what that is. But even though this isn't love at present, it could certainly grow into love, and you should allow it to grow and see what it becomes (whether or not you choose to feed or fuel the relationship is a separate issue: you're a grown woman and can tell better than us whether that's proper or available). Who knows what might happen? What you have with your work friend could blossom into something truly beautiful, and truly hot, whether or not it ever begins to compete with your marriage.

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