I have been chronically ill for five years now. I've spent most of that time bedridden or housebound, sometimes stuck in bed for months on end with severe symptoms. I found out only months ago that the medications Doctors were giving me have actually made my condition worse by suppressing my immune system to the point where I wasn't able to fight back against my illness at all. Most days I cope but today I'm frightened. In the next couple of months it will be my fifth year anniversary of suffering this illness, which started in my teens and I'm just so frightened by that for some reason. It doesn't feel like anything is going to get better. I'm frightened, so frightened and I've spent so much time alone I feel like I'm losing all perspective. My Mother and Doctor are doing the best they can but I'm losing it, I'm losing all grip on reality and I so wish this would stop. I'm scared. I don't know what's going to happen.

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  • ...AIDS?

  • I rarely say things this brash... but the first commentor is just a d***...
    Anyway, important stuff! Yes indeed, the power of positive thinking is a powerful ally. Our bodies react to the way we think, even when it seems like our bodies only want to betray us. Worrying will only make things worse, because the added stress screws with our hormones etc.
    I know its much easier said than done, but if at all possible cling to any little thing that still brings you joy, make the best of the time you have as best you can given your situation, and who knows? maybe things will get better... but even if not, at least youve made the best you can out of every moment you have with those you love and cherish.
    and seriously... "have you got Munchausens?" what an ass...

  • Don't worry! Use the power of your mind to see only a positive recovery. Nothing is impossible to those who believe! It will be alright, worrying only worsens matters. Stay positive! You can do it! :)

  • what in the f*** is wrong with you....Munchausen's?

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