What a great idea!

Alright, so, I log onto my local news website this morning and at the top of the outer column of story headline links I see the caption, "Man stabbed by girlfriend", and I think to myself, "Why the h*** didn't I think of that?" Can you tell I'm p***** at my boyfriend?

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  • Get a sense of humour people!! This is FUNNY!!

  • From the o.p.: Thank you for recognizing that this was intended as a joke. And as a rant. It's good to know that there are at least a few people out there whose sarcasm monitors are still functioning properly. Have a great day!

  • your headline would be: fat, ugly s*** stabs dumbass dude

  • ugh.. just keep this in mind: who are you to determine whether if he should live or not?
    If you are suffer in his presence, leave him. Simple as that.

    Even though if he cheated on you or whatever. We all make mistakes, some mistakes are terrible. However, human as well.

    don't do something you'll regret. Perhaps you won't regret killing him, but you'll certainly go to jail just like the girl in the news

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