I want what I want

I have been having an online relationship with a married solider. I am also married. We talked about and planned to have a relationship offline, but then decided we should just be friends. We want to be together, but the reality of the situation holds us back. Since I know we want to be together, I plan to do whatever it takes for this relationship to happen . I know the risk for both of us, but I want what I want.

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  • Dump your mate, marry this bloke, and become a dependa. Then you can put on lots of weight, demand that you be saluted like your partner is, and suckle at the government t3at even after he gets himself killed. You'll be set for life, even though smart people will see you for the scum you really are.

  • It's nice to see marriage and vows mean f*** all to people!!!

  • Your a coward. If you wanted to leave your husband you would. You probably are just an attention seeking w**** who just wants someone to want u. The thrill of doing something wrong. do your self a favor and grow the f*** up and realize what your doing is bigger than both of you. If you love this guy then fine, leave your husband. But dont keep f****** around on him. Its wrong and you know it. the longer you draw it out the worse it will get.

  • WRONG! You should get what you want, and you should keep getting it for as long as you want. You will really NOT BELIEVE how exciting it is to carry on a relationship outside of your marriage, especially when your partner is cheating too. It will be the very best time of your life, for both you and the man you're getting outside. Enjoy yourself. And your man!

  • love your attitude. seriously i do. i was in a similar "relationship" but never got the courage to make it happen. i hope you will.

  • Good! Ask him to give you herpes, also...and, maybe his wife can put a bullet in your head for being a home wrecker.

  • Ignore this. You've already laid all the groundwork to be with this man, developing the connection, fueling the romance, feeding the desire, and all that remains is for you to allow the physical part to take its course: you've sowed the field, now you just need to harvest the crop. Don't allow your marriage or your family or the mindless criticism of others to keep you from having the thing you want most: this other woman's husband. You know from what you've done so far that he's yours, not hers, and you just need to start behaving accordingly. That's your man -- in addition to the one you've got at home -- and that is the way you have to look at the situation. Say it with me: "That's my man. That's MY man! That's MY f****** man!!!" And say as much to him: "I don't care who you're married to: you belong to me. ME!"

    Now.............go get him.

  • Good for you. You should have it.

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