I was felt up by my best friend

My name's Lisa. I'm 14. My best friend is named Thomas and he's 14 as well. We were coming back from the yearly band competition at Darien Lake. My school won Grand Champion AND first place! Whoohoo! :) Anyway it was late at night and we sat next to each other. We talked and laughed until it got really late. It was a 3 hour drive! I fell asleep on his shoulder because I was so tired from playing my instrument and screaming on those rollercoasters. My friend, Olivia, told me what happened. He was reaching over to his backpack to get his cell phone and wanted to take a picture of me sleeping and show it to me later so we could laugh about it, but his hand brushed against my b****. He was turned on because he always told me I was beautiful if I was feeling insecure about myself. I knew he always he had a crush on me, but I didn't want to wreck our friendship. I was told before that I was pretty, but he always sounded so sweet when he said it. At 14, you're pretty h**** so I wasn't mad at him, but a little shocked... in a good way. He continued to lightly stroke my chest. He slid his hand down my t-shirt and started to fondle. I twitched in my sleep and he stopped immediately. He blushed like mad and eventually fell asleep with his arm around me. When we awoke, people were giggling and taking pictures. I didn't believe Olivia when she told me, but then she showed me the whole thing that she recorded on her phone. Thomas and I still act the same, but if someone brings up the trip to Darien lake, we will both blush and look at each other.

I confess..

Aug 7, 2012

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  • Is this Lisa kanbur?

  • I think it is

  • You should touch him when he is asleep. Balance out that awkwardness girl!

  • haha....Thomas is gay...you liar.

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