My gay friend.

A few months back I met this guy. I'm straight myself but I'm willing to admit when I see an attractive looking dude, and this guy was pretty good looking. All the girls were attracted to him. Anyway me and him and a couple of other guys would hang out around the weekends and drink and sometimes go clubbing.

One night after drinks and clubbing we came back to our friends apartment to crash and spend the night. They were all up still playing music and talking but I was really tired so I went into one of the two bedrooms and crashed. Later on this friend of mine came in. Since there are only two rooms to sleep in and the couch in the living room were already taken by one of our other buddies; he decided to just sleep on the same mattress as me. I didn't really care, I was half asleep and barely noticed when he came in.

Anyway as I was drifting in and out of sleep that night, I noticed that he was coming closer and closer to me and rubbing me and touching my back. I was faced away from him and sort of just pulled away when he did that and fell back asleep, I was pretty drunk and didn't think much of it. Then I started to feel him distinctly humping me. Like I'm not sure if he was asleep or half awake or something. But I heard him softly groaning and zombieishly humping my leg. And he had a hard-on.

I've never said anything of it to anyone because this guy was always acting like he was homophobic. He get's super defensive when anyone makes a joke insinuating that he's gay. The kinds of jokes that all guys make.... But... after that I'm starting to think that he's definitely into guys and he's in denial about it. I was always suspicious when he'd get defensive about stupid little jokes but... yeah now it makes sense.

Jul 4, 2011

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  • I used to have a friend like that, but we are girls. She ended up telling me he had liked me since the seventh grade and was too scared to tell me and she is really religious so she was taught it was bad, but maybe you shouldn't say anything about that night. He might not be ready to admit anything about his sexuality, but im assuming he is gay. Or he could have always just been drunk. So i wouldn't bring it up just because that would be awkward.

  • Thats not very good and hygienic thing for both of u to do :/

  • i don't think that he is gay, I think that he was drunk. and so what if he is gay? also, he was humping your leg and you were surprised that he got a h******? when you rub your p**** on something, and it feels good, do you not get a h******?

    Maybe he was picking up on the fact that you are always staring at him and he thought that he had a shot. I guess the only way to find out is to talk to him about it, cause it seems that this encounter is still on your mind months after the fact. Maybe it is you who is the gay one.

  • lol, sounds like you are the humping guy the way you wrote that.

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