Help! my coach stares at me

Im 13 and on the girls flag team at school. Coach Mike always sits in the bleechers during practice. He does not have any reason to be their. He stares at me all the time and sits in his car after practice till my best friends mom picks us up. Even if im on the other side of the gym he is looking at me. I told the drill instuctor but she said that she couldnnt do anything about him. I am really scarad. I cant tell my dad or he will get real mad. what can i do?

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  • Take off your panties, spread your legs and enjoy him c****** in you


  • Unfortunately, it's not against the law to stare at someone, even if it creeps you out. He has a right to watch the game. If he was on the registered s** offenders that would be a different call to action. Your drill instructor has taken note of it.

    Sometimes you notice things and it really isn't anything.. like him staring because you start to look at him to see if he's looking. You just become sensitive to it..But regardless of what his intentions are (and lets hope it's just nothing)..Never, ever put yourself in a situation where you find yourself alone with him or anyone else you feel unsafe with. Always rely on the buddy system. Just make sure your friends never leave you alone and you don't leave them.

  • I won't say he's going to rape you, but it isn't normal behavior. He truly sounds like a pedo. Set it up so he gets caught. The best way is to tell an adult and have them watch the coach during practice and after when he's sitting in his car. Have them do it in a way so he doesn't know. Otherwise he probably won't do what he usually does. DO NOT APPROACH HIM ABOUT IT YOURSELF!

  • Go up to him with your drill instructor and ask him why he stares at you. Make it look like you are just in a convo with the instructor and then you come up to him and hit him with your question. Having your drill instructor with you is important as the coach can't dismiss your question with a witness. Do it now.

  • NO, don't do that! This is a problem for an adult to sort out! Do not approach this Coach! At all.

  • all of you are scaring me!

  • That man is crazy. Tell your Dad now.

  • Call school security now!

  • Smile back! Ask him to drive you home one day...sounds like he is your biggest fan!

  • NO! Tell the principal or your parents tonight! Don't go to flag practice again. Your flag instructor is not protecting you properly from this coach. I suspect your coach may be dangerous. He is stalking you.

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