Why Won't He Talk To Me?

My friend, who I have a crush on, sits with me every morning. He opens doors for me all the time and refuses to go through one first if I hold it open. Whenever I took time to fix my hair, he was the first person to say anything and he told me that he liked it that way. He said "Grace before beauty" and walked into a room before me. Then, today, my friend (who is a girl) sat down where he normally sits, and I told her she took his spot, but she refused to move. He then took his things and walked off, angry, ad now, he's giving me the silent treatment. I don't understand why.

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  • Sounds like he was probably a brat when he was a child, just leave him alone he'll come around whenever he gets over his tantrum!!

  • He probably thinks u let her sit their or u should have moved to go sit with him, which u probably should have. u should call him or talk to him and apolagize.

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