I think my work colleague likes me

So I recently started work in a place with many people and they all warned me that one of the colleagues is a bit narky and can be quite nasty. However he is always nice to me and always looks happy to see me. I keep seeing him walk over to near where I sit at lunch and he stares at me when he thinks I'm not looking. He always brags about things when I'm around and even sat right next to me the other day even though he never sits there. Whenever he sits behind me I always see him peek round and have caught him looking at me in inappropriate places. Maybe I'm just paranoid but it's odd and he's like 32 I'm only 19. He's definitely not my type and plus I already have a boyfriend

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  • I'm guilty of this myself. I am 7 years older than a woman who worked for me and I had the biggest crush on her, I still do actually. She stopped speaking to me 5 years ago and it really hurt.

  • Yea he fancies you if what your saying is true. Men are just like that, so just take it as a compliment sweetie, there's no need to be paranoid, what the worst he can do? look? if he tries anything then you can shut him down or report him. It's gonna happen a lot to you, men are pervs haha, deal with it xx

    (btw i know not all men are the same)

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