Triple S -

I know that things aren't the way we would both have them. I wish that I could snap my fingers and make them change. I fell for you the second I saw you, and I never stopped wanting to spend a moment alone together.

I feel like there is something different between us. Something that feels like we've been friends for much longer. I feel like you would know how to take care of me - give me what I need - and yet, we can't seem to kiss each other goodnight. It's horrible.

I hate that our most intimate moment happened so fast because it had to. I wish we had a string of moments that led up to the other night. I wish that it hadn't been cheapened by the ticking clock..

I would like to think that somehow, things will work themselves out. That we will keep in touch, and find a way back to each other. Can I keep my hopes up for this? I know I have to go, and yet all I want to do is stay. And yet- I don't feel like because it's so damned is why I want you -it's why I miss you, even when you're around. I know how much of a piece of my own happiness will be so very far away.

I know that I haven't made things easy for you. And that you might wonder from time to time if it was worth it. I hope you don't regret anything from here on out - you've made me feel special, and every moment since, I've thought about nothing but how I can do the same for you.

I know I have to live in the moment, but there are so little moments left for us. Please forgive how much I care for you, I can't help that you make me myself.

I miss you now, I miss you always.

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  • This is so sweet

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