Hi I made out with my girlfriend like a year ago she gives me head at least once a week now she wants to have s** I kinda do to I'm in the 7th grade she is sweet funny nice and I don't want to lose her what should I do I carry a condom every day just in case but I want to and I don't it's up to u guys of majority says yes I make a story about how good It was

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  • Until you can distinguish the difference between "to" and "too" as well as forming sentences rather then a run on sentence, you can have s**. Hahaha

    If you want s** feel free to give up your Xbox, ps3, friends, future car, sleep, and school goodbye if she has a kid. Hahaha

    Good luck kiddo!

  • I started having s** at 14, and that b**** made my life miserable for 9 f***** years man. I'm 24 now, happily in a new relationship but s***, tell your woman she needs to not be a s*** before you give it to her. Teach her some morals, then and only then is she good enough to be with you.

    Also try to use some god damned punctuation or some s***, I know you're 12 and you don't think it's cool but g******* it it took me 5 minutes to figure out what the f*** it was you were trying to say.

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