Wife is a stripper

My wife "Sara" works at an all-nude strip club, not because she wanted to, but because she had to save us from financial ruin. We had both lost our jobs in the recession, unemployment only lasted so long, and we were quickly eating up our savings. I was the one to approach her about it, and didn't go over well at first. She understood what our situation was becoming, and she agreed to at least try it out.
She has a smoking hot body, even after having two kids. She went in for an audition, she wasn't sure what to wear, so she took a bikini. The manager was there and a few workers, he told her to go in the back and change into her bikini, and when they start the music to come out and dance. Well Sara can dance, and that went well, but when he told her to take off her top, she hesitated. The manager said, "If you can't show your t***, you won't ever be able to show your p****." I was surprised she quickly pulled off her top, and even took down her bottoms, a few of the workers whistled, and she smiled and relaxed. He hired her on the spot, told her to come in on Friday, one of the other girls would show her the ropes. On the car ride home I asked if she was alright with it. She started to cry a little, and said she would do whatever she had to help our family. The only thing she said was I wasn't to come watch her dance.
Well that was 18 months ago, and I will be honest it went better than I hoped for, she saved our a****. I have a new job, doesn't pay great, but it would be enough for us to struggle along with, and she could quit stripping. HOWEVER, she tells me she doesn't want to quit stripping, she actually likes it. She doesn't want to struggle along, and thinks we could build our saving back up with her working at the club. She is right, but I don't want anyone to find out she works there, our families would croak, especially her mother. Two of my friends already know because they go to the club(that's 2 to many), he told me the manager is constantly telling Sara to put her bikini back on when she comes off the stage, I guess she likes to walk around nude in the club, which is against the rules. Am I wrong wanting her to quit? I know I got her started, but we can make it without her working at the club now.

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  • I'm currently dating a stripper but knew she was stripping from the start.I never used to mind it, but it bothers me now. She's trying to quit but probably never will. Like you, if friends find out it can become disastrous, some know she strips and it's caused issues with me and my friends.I think deep down many men dream of dating a stripper but it's tougher than one would think.

  • Here are your options - tell her to quit and go get a second job to make up for the financial hit or don't complain if she is doing what she needs to do to provide for your family.

    Here's something else to consider, she enjoys having men look at her and it excites her to be wanted. If that's the case, you have bigger problems sport.

  • Unfortunately I have to agree with this one. If it were my wife personally, and we fell into financial trouble, and the thing she had in mind was selling her body, I'd be out the door. That's just me personally. Of course, I'd be handling my business before the issue ever came up.

  • Actually, she doesn't think much about being naked in front of men now, it use to bother her a little. She said she is use to it. Probably why she wants to keep doing it, she said it is easy money. I realize there maybe other problems with stripping, like the family finding out.

  • Have you sat down and really allied to each other? Express your fears, concerns, and feelings? Do you have trouble doing that? Perhaps you should both write down those things. Make a pros and cons list. Something to start a truely open talk where you can express yourself with fear of causing a fight. Do you have a set of rules in your marriage? Most people have an "unspoken" set of rules. But if your have a real concern about this, then maybe you should set up something where you can call a time out so you two can clear the air so to speak before something blows up. Just a thought

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