Long distance relationship..

I have a long distance with a guy who lives in Georgia, and I live in Wisconsin. We met on this game, where you make friends and all and well sometimes you can come to actually like the other person or even rarely come to love them. It might seem crazy to people but if you haven't experienced well you can't really feel what you feel about that other person. He's such an amazing person, I met him when he was 16 (online) and he was 17, now I'm 18 and he's about to turn 19 and we're madly in love with eachother. We're gonna be together for a whole year now this month, I know it's true love but I know if I tell my parents they will think I'm f****** crazy.. I love this guy so much he's gonna move up as soon as he earns enough money from his job. No, he's not going to college because his parents kicked him out since they probably don't want him to live with them, so he can't possibly go to college. I'm planning on helping him go to college as soon as I finish college and all. We see each other one day getting married, I want to move in with him in a year though when he comes up north. I want to tell my parents how I really met him not make up a lie about how I truly met him.. I don't believe in waiting to have s** before marriage either, I'm 18 already it's legal 100%. I believe in God and all, I'm catholic but I don't agree with all the rules that the church wants us to do. I know I can run the risk of getting pregnant while in college but that's not as bad as being 16 & pregnant right? I don't making my boyfriend a father either but I prefer not to have a baby at the moment. Should I let my parents know and better yet my friends? I haven't really told anyone this except my friend Maria but she only knows .01% of the story..(sorry for not using paragraphs but I hate essays)

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  • Was in a similar situation and he turned out to be an abusive monster. He didn't seem like it at first-- thought he was an angel, an answer to my prayers, and I wanted to be with him always, but really quick he showed his true colors, lies were exposed, addictions&mental illness revealed, and I was trapped. Left wishing I'd never met him or gotten serious/really fallen in love 'til I really saw his bad side.
    I know you're in love, but don't get super serious or attached 'til you visit each other. See each other's bad sides and good and decide if you're right for each other/you can really see it lasting.
    The first commentor gave great advice and I strongly agree.
    The best of luck to you guys, though. <3

  • You need to be realistic about the situation. Could this work, sure. Could it fail..sure. If you want this relationship to work, then you can't hide it - you should tell your parents and friends about him and your blossoming relationship. You need to take care of yourself and go to school and graduate. He needs to take care of himself, find a job and go to school. Do not take care of him by lending him money - that is not the way to enter or stay in any relationship. He would have to figure it out on his own, even if you weren't an option. You know him by email/phone/text etc..now you need to know him in person. This could be a game changer. Do not live with him immediately, if you move to be closer to him, get your own place or find roommates. Date him, relationships change when you live with someone. And having your own friends and life outside of the relationship are very important. If you want to have s**, then use birth control. Just remember, don't lose sight of who you are.

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