Age difference got me like...

I am a 15 year old girl. I met this guy over the internet and he lives 15 hours away from me he is 17 years old and is applying for college. Me and this guy are dating. I have not told anyone except my sister about it. I love him but I don't know if we will ever even see each other in real life. I don't want to develop such strong feelings for him if I know it's never going to go anywhere. I'm kind of just holding on to the hope that it will go somewhere and we will last for longer than just the five months we have been together. I am hoping that once he goes to college he might visit me but idk I'm so scared that when he goes off to college he will meet someone and he will be able to hold her and do all the things we are unable to do. Someone tell me some advice please...

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  • Haven't you ever watched Dateline - this dude could actually be a 70 year fat woman, or worse a pedophile. Stop talking to people you don't know, but if you insist - get phone #'s, all info you can pics whatnot and keep it somewhere - Nevermind, STOP TALKING TO PEDOPHILES ON THE INTERNET!

  • Not to be rude, but you're 15 & have never met him, it's not really a relationship. Not being a d*** but speaking from having been in love all the time at that age with girls I actually saw everyday. You'll realise later in life what real love is, and you'll look back on this and smile. Not trying to hurt your feelings, just being realistic.

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