You DID have every reason to worry. We

You DID have every reason to worry. We were sleeping together behind your back for several months. He told me he was going to leave you right up till the day you got married. He still tries to contact me, even though you're married and live in a different state. If only you could hear the things he says to me about you. He's not a very good husband.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I don't like girls like you!

  • Amazing, the person doing the confessing knows this guy is a cheater and liar *and come to think of it, so is the confessing party* but she still talks to him. What makes her think she's so special that he could not/would not do that to her as well? And while he is not a very good husband, your not a very good friend. The poor wife would be better off without either of you in her life.

  • He was the one cheating, not the confessee. Maybe the wife should open her eyes and accept she married a cheater. Men only get away with that behaviour when the wife turns a blind eye, they simply aren't that clever otherwise.

  • you're a s***

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