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I want to sleep with one of my married friends. We met through work and even though its been almost a year since I've seen him, we email daily. He's 12 years older, married, with 6 kids but if I had him alone for about an hour I would ride him like a rented scooter. I often fantasize about all the nasty things we coulda done if our business trips had been at the same time. The idea of he and I getting it on in a foreign country turns me on more than anything.

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  • The guy has a wife and six kids, you really want to deal with all that baggage just to f*** some damaged goods? Lol move on to someone else, there's enough destruction and pain in the world without willingly adding to it.

  • Does he reciprocate your feelings or/and implied them to you, that he wants to cheat on his wife and f*** you? If not, keep your fantasises to yourself. If he wanted to commit adultery and f*** you, he would've done it, by now.Or maybe, he's a loyal, loving, doting husband and father; Whom respects his children,wife,himself and their relationship/family too much, to never cheat. If he's emailing you daily, he may genuinely like you, as a friend. Yes, men and woman can be friends, without s** being involved! I thought I'd throw that in their, before you may imply, otherwise :)
    If he's a loyal man/husband, don't try to initiate anything with him, you never know, you may end up red faced and feeling humiliated from rejection.You don't know, how it may plan out. Just respect that he's a taken man and move on.Respect the gurl code and stop drooling over, another woman's, man!! :)

  • You wouldn't be the first who has done that when two people of opposite s** go on a business trip together far away from home and prying eyes. However, you have to ask yourself if it is worth the risk to a marriage. As a married man, I can tell you unequivocably a guy's pecker is always harder when away from home. I have been in that situation and was able to resist the temptation by engaging in self gratification when lustful thoughts were about to overpower common sense.

  • what the f*** are you waiting for?

  • You don't say why you never got on him -- if it's because you're married, too, or because he seems uninterested in you, or whatever -- but the fact that he's emailing you every day would appear to be expression of interest if not necessarily desire. It seems to me that the frequency of the communication between the two of you shows that he's not going to reject you cruelly if you just casually asked him how he feels about eating your p**** or if you just told him you want to jump on his meat and stay there forever. Pick up the f****** phone, honey, and stop wondering "what if". Do that today. Trust me when I tell you: life is waaaaay too f****** short to allow this to just lay there and give him the chance to think, "God, I would give ANYTHING to f*** that b****, but she won't even spread those knees a LITTLE." Go for it. NOW.

  • totally love the remark 'i would ride him like a rented scooter'. hilarious and sexy at the same time. i love it! and i am going to use it! thank you!!! and good luck with your guy.

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