Just a thought !

Do married women really like to have s** with other men besides their husband and stay married ? I think of this pretty often . and I confess I would love to have a wife lie this .

Jun 15, 2016

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  • S** with my husband is called
    ( making love )
    S** with another married men is
    ( getting f***** , being a w**** , letting loose without limits, almost)

  • I'm having a girl on girl relationship with another mom I met at my kids playgroup. It is so hot. I let her do things to me that I would never let my husband do like spank me and order me around. But s** with man other than my husband is not something I would like to do. I know that sounds strange but it seems wrong somehow.

  • Idiot!!

  • My wife loves to have s** with other men. I approve simply because she gives me more now too. I don't know what it is about her but she needs to enjoy different men. She went through a phase where she only dated married men. Then men younger then her (she is 34). Currently she is into bbc. I guess their is no next type of guy. You know what they say once you go black LOL.

  • You're one Lucky man indeed . Good to both of you . And I hope your marriage last .

  • My second wife liked it so much with other men she left me . be careful here , you just might loose your wife to someone else . just saying .

  • I am 28 been married to my husband for 5 years now, we have two kids and have had s** with other guys, some with guys i have met online and others i met on nights out, some have been regular but not all, i enjoy s** with my husband but enjoy the thrill of new s** aswell

  • It will get old after while , the thrill will loose its adventure and become boring . and you will want something more .

  • Bbc yet? Imbhere for ya lol

  • I am a married Mom. Married since I was 18. I am 42 now and would love an open marriage and make up for the time I lost by marrying so young. I am cheating now with a neighbor boy, but I would like to have an older stud or two.

  • A woman like you is very hard to find , anywhere . your husband does not realize how lucky he is . I would love to have a wife in my life such as you . stay cool .

  • Well some do but you have to have a strong relationship. My husband is 11yrs older than me, his s** drive diminished when he was about 50. Mine remained high, on night he asked me if I was getting enough s** and I was honest and said I'd like more. He said that I could have affairs, because he wanted me to be happy. That was 10yrs ago and I have had 5 men and two women partners as well as catering for hubby's needs which is twice a week

  • F*** hubby I'll f*** you for your needs

  • Well thank you, were and when

  • To have a wife such as yourself would be a dream come true . I believe in total trust and accept my wife and her independence no matter what .

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