If I could go back

I am married for a second time. I am closeted bisexual. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have married either wife and just been gay.

Oct 28, 2017

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  • I just hope and pray that your situation isn't keeping you from enjoying the incredible pleasure of being with men frequently. Please PLEASE don't allow that to happen.

  • You aren't "bisexual" you're a gay man in denial. Just divorce your wife and let he find an actual straight man to be with instead of a closet case. You're pathetic and will probably wind up giving your poor wife a disease you caught from Craigslist.

  • Get a divorce and live life as a gay man. You're much better off that way. Free yourself.

  • Bisexual? Just admit it. Not only can you not commit to a relationship, YOU CAN'T EVEN COMMIT TO WHAT YOU ARE! Your life is a trainwreck. Drop out.

  • It's never too late. Divorce your wife and live the life you want to. Life is too short to live a pretentious, coveted and deceiving life for others and yourself. Plus, you'd be setting your wife free, to find someone who reciprocates her affections and yourself free aswell.

  • But you know now. So what is preventing you from leaving your current wife and just living your life as a gay man? Because you have a family? What?

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