I want my brothers girlfriend!

Ugh, I'm so frustrated right now. My 26 yr old brother has the hottest girlfriend EVER! She is tall with long blonde hair, thin with nice t*** and ass cute face nice smile. I get all awkward around her. Normally I'm outspoken and funny but around this girl I'm a blubbering mess and can hardly talk. Not only is she hot but she's funny and athletic outgoing and smart, she's a dental hygeinist. I always thought I was the better looking brother more successful etc. but nope he gets her and I have a fat cow wife who never wants s**! My bros gf even sucks him off when he's driving and always sneaks him away to f*** grrrrr

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  • Dar j***, you need LIFE for yourself, leave your brother aLONE okay, I see why you can't get a good-looking girl, you are a nasty j***,

  • Your marriage won't last divorce her and get a hot girl and make your brother jealous

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