I feel so stupid for feeling this way

I am going to be 15 and I have never had my first kiss. I used to feel that it was fine and that when the right person came along everything would be perfect. But now I feel that this is the reason I will be alone forever. My best friends do like everything normal teens do while I'm always stuck home because of my parents.

I guess I'm kind of jealous of them. They are way prettier than me and a lot of boys like them. They claim to not like these amazing guys but always make out with them and it's unfair. If someone liked me as much as people like them i would be happy. But while they are out finding their first loves I'm just at home wishing someone would come along and make me feel stupid for feeling this way. I'm just afraid that when they are married with children on the way I'll still be alone like I am today

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  • Your parents are protecting you they are doing there job ! Your only 15 years old what is your hurry you want to get knocked up is that what your missing or have your heart broken missing that as well ?
    Your not going to be alone your whole life once you become adult then you can do whatever you want .
    Why don't you read half the post on here all guys want is s** , do you want to be used by a boy is that your hurry ? Used your f****** head dumb b**** !

  • Jst give it time i know i feeling the same way you did in my teen, there be some one in your life just give it a little time don't get in a hurry to have s** it can wait,

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