I'm in love with my best friend

I am seriously in love with my best friend. I have know him since we were 3. Him and I are 13 now, turning 14. He has always been there for me when ever I had a problem. He always listened to me when I complained about guys and when I liked guys I would tell him. This summer, I have gotten really close to him, like talking to him alot and stuff. And I just realized how much we have in common. And I seriously love him. I can't tell any of my other friends. Him and I have alot of the same friends. I just needed to tell someone.

Aug 19, 2012

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  • Smetimes in life you come to that crossroad don't know which way to go, maybe one day you and him get together talked to him see how he feel about you, tell him how you feel about him, the rest is left up to you. Good luck!

  • Isee what you're going through. I'm in love with someone who I grew up with. I met him when I was 1, he was 5. I started having a crush when I was twelve, and I completely fell this summer when he came home from university and spent a lot of time with me. We would sit in the living room on our computers or with a book and talk. I helped him with his existential crises and he with mine. When he wanted to just escape and drive one night, I went with him. The age gap is what stops me from doing anything. I'm still in high school and he's in university. We can't relate the way he can with his college friends can, and it wouldn't surprise me if he met a lovely girl in school. I have to let him go. It's painful. It is for me and for you too. Be strong, whether that means keeping it bottled or confessing. <3

  • Pease, ignore that guy, most likely just a scam.... Anyway, i can relate to you, ive been in love (and still am in love) with one of my best friends for 4 years , (were both 14 now). So anyway, try and get into one of those "alone sessions" where its really romantic, like stargazing or something. Just tell him thatnyou like him a lot, and if he likes you too, then hurray! If he doesnt, dont be too sad, you can still be friends, and you may find an even better guy. Well, anyway, i wish you luck, and because of you, i might just confess to the girl i love as well!

    Remember, it is best to have love and lost than to have never loved at all. But dont be too sad, true love always finds a way.

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