To All Women..Please

Hey I just thought i would try to reach out to all you women out there, if any of you are planning breast reductions PLEASE..DONT DO IT i know its gonna seem shallow coming from me but guys want a woman with alot up top and not itty bitty ti*ties as a matter of fact i insist you should go bigger and for you plus size girls im talking to the 4-500lb voluptuous goddesses out there Dont get weight loss surgery come on Be Proud of your curves believe me thin girls are overrated these days i encourage to gain weight instead of bein a salad eatin skeleton guys love big women Bigger is always better. and please dont gimme that 'big b****** are heavy and painful' speech ive heard it before and im sure alot of you will tell me im nuts for encouraging obesity i dont wanna hear shi* about being fat is unhealthy i refuse to change my outlook on life say what you want. boobnbbwsupport

Jul 22, 2015

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  • I've thought about getting a breast augmentation but I've been told by several guys that mine are perfect as they are, including my husband. I can't compete with strippers and escorts, but the men in my life seem to be happy with them so I'm leaving them alone. Besides, if I did get them, I plan to remove them when I reach 55. Then I found out that having them removed is not only expensive, but they cause a lot of scarring. So, my girls stay. lol.

  • Ah another keyboard cowboy acting all high and mighty behind a computer screen you can rant all you fu*kin want your not scarin me and no one is impressed by your childish insults

  • You are a dumb c***. Some chicks HAVE to have Reduction Surgery to stop themselves from acquiring permanent bone conditions! And even if that wasn't the case, you're REALLY asking these women to go through physical pain just so you can have a few jollies at the jigglies that you're NEVER gonna get your hands on?

    "I don't wanna seem shallow." F*** shallow. You're being a selfish, little pricked virgin, who's gonna stay that way for a looooong time. No woman would have low enough self esteem to go down on YOUR four inches, no matter what daddy issues they're dealing with.


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