I know you love drugs more than me but..,

I love you. I've been in love with you. You're my best friend and the only man I've met to understand me and know me, bad and good, and not judge. You see the best in me. You care. You always make me smile.

You're a drug addict. So addicted that I'm surprised but very grateful you're still alive since you're on something daily. That's your only flaw. Such a huge one. You're so beautiful but you'd rather stay the way you are than quit and live your life the way you deserve. You're so young. 21.

I was afraid to tell you I had feelings for you before. Sometimes you'd make me think you felt the same but I was never sure if it was for real or the drugs. But I was in love with you, but I knew you loved meth and other drugs more than me, so I went with Him and he abused me.

You knew, you hated him, and I still loved you. I left. I've told you that I wish things were different for us both--- I want that simple life with the cozy home and white picket gate fence and dog.

If only you'd quit but you say you never will, but you also wish things would have been different, so we could be together.

But after leaving the abuse I'm stronger and have learned. So I'm no longer afraid to tell you, to confess: I'm in love with you. I have been.

I just tried calling you but you're passed out and I fear you'll die, like I always do.

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  • This is so heartbreaking, and I am so sorry you're having to deal with it. Since he obviously can't stop on his own, that leaves you with few meaningful choices, none of which are good, much less ideal. Have you considered an intervention? Would his family support you? The lastrresort is an involuntary commitment (if it's available in your state), if he's a danger to himself or others. I sincerely wish you luck in whatever you do about this.

  • Im sorry..... i relate alot to you...

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