I was sitting on the computer yesterday on confession post and then i started wondering how i found the site then i started wondering how other people found it. so comment and tell how you found it.

Aug 19, 2012

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  • I wanted to hear some juicy anonymous story's so I googled it and here I am !

  • Jst like you did, I was looking through the Internet, I found this site i start reading story wanted to tell my story one day i will,

  • Gogled liars . my ex was a cheating liar . that's how i found this sight.

  • Sme here..............well, actually i googled 'cheating lying sack of s***' thinking i would find his pic but i found this instead

  • Hha. that is funny as h***. ''thinking i would find his pic'' too funny

  • Igoogled "true adultery confessions" about a year ago (not sure exactly when) and was directed to an individual story about a wife who was cheating on her much younger husband with three other guys, none of whom knew about any of the others. It had a very, very true ring to it and it kept me coming back for updates and then for other stories. I quickly realized that most of appears here was fiction (or fictionalized) and lots of it was either bullshit or poorly written or both, but there are enough flashes of brilliance or insight or raw truth here that the occasional visits I still make are more than worth the very small amount of time. I'm glad for the sponsors and for the work they do to keep the site clear of mad spammers and to keep it up and running. I don't know how they do it, much less do it for free, but I'm impressed and appreciative for all their efforts. WELL DONE, Confession Post!

  • Ihad downloaded two apps five secrets ( and tmysecret ( - both are no longer available or being updated. And then looked on line to see what else was available and found this one.

  • i googled s** confessions... and im glad i found this site.. its very interesting!

  • I think it was through a comment on Reddit a few days ago. I think most of the entries are made up by trolls though so it isn't anything like Reddit and I leave it quickly.

  • i was looking for p*** on google and one of the results said ''me and my sister f*** all of the time''(something like that) so i clicked on it and it brought me to confession post i get on every night since then. great site!

  • I was searching weird dirty stuff on google

  • Yeah, well Dude, So was i, AND ITS G..R..E..A..T eh....the more kinky the better....Ilove it ....

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