Well mom and dad, at least you've helped me realize that I'm probably better off without marriage and it's best if I just get my tubes tied. There is no way in h*** I'm repeating your mistake.

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  • Yep,you're a fuckup

  • Explain. Sounds like OP is avoiding continuing the fuckup tradition. Are you triggered because your love life is deader than Andrew Breitbart and you can't stand seeing other people succeeding?

  • Eerybody in my life make mistake, learner from your mistakes don't do it again, one day you will meet a man both of the following love, sometimes parents are right, just listen to them, then sit down and think about it, all left up to you, hope the best for you and your future.

  • Prents can be wonderful things, wonderful influences in our lives, wonderful sources of support and evern (sometimes) wonderful friends. Sadly, that's not always true, and it appears to not be true here, certainly in respect of setting the example of how to be happily married and the example of parenthood. Parents aren't perfect, but neither is anyone else. However, don't let that become the reason that you give up on marriage and eliminate every possibility of your experiencing the joys of motherhood. My recommendation is simply to wait. Wait and see how your life develops (you sound young) and how your relationships evolve. Give life a chance to happen and give yourself a chance to form one before you start closing off possibilities for happiness. You have lots of time, and you should take ALL of it.

  • Pease do not allow your parents, or your parents' example, to sour you on the ideas of marriage or motherhood. It can be done right, and it can be utterly beautiful, in both instances. The fact that your parents failed (or are, perhaps, still simply a work in progress), does NOT by any measure mean that YOU will. But whatever you do, DON'T take any action, or make any decision, that you can't reverse. Best wishes.

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