So this all started my freshman year in high school and me and this guy andrae liked the same girl(caitlin) and she didnt really have any interest in him she always liked me. and i used to brag about it like a j***(which i feel so bad about and embarrassed) i apologized to him. anyway i ended up going out with caitlin and she turned out to be a b**** and now we dont talk. but now andrae has a girl friend she is the prettiest sweetest thing ever and i sit next to her on the bus and we talk. but i am so jealous of him. and at first i didnt know they were in a relationship so i started to try to make moves on her (not like a player) and she was putting out these wierd signals like she liked me so i dont know. she knows that i know she is in a relationship. i will just have to see. she only rides the bus in the afternoon and through 6 periods a day i cannot wait to get on the bus to see her she is the highlight of my day..... megan

p.s i am a sophtmore now

Aug 19, 2012

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  • Pppy love, I know I had a crush on a boy in our highschool. Yes we rode the same bus, time go by at graduation, we all went our separate ways, but them an now I do think about him, wonder how is he doing now, high school memories, that with the goodness years of life, hope the best for you,

  • BD IDEA. REALLY BAD IDEA. Unless you're willing to stay just friends with her, maybe don't talk to her for a while. try to avoid burning bridges.

  • Wat are you trying to say. i dont get it.

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