She came on to me...

She came over to use the internet. "You have lots of homework?" I asked, and she confirmed my question with, "Yeah, I'm going to have to stay here all night!"
We hardly ever hung out, but I figured I could use the company.
"The living room feels too hot, I think it'd be nice to go into a room; don't you think?"
Obviously, I couldn't say no to her request. I had to give the best hospitality service I could give. It IS in my nature to do so (so I thought).
I turned on the television and lay on my bed. I tell her to feel at home and get comfortable at the desk. She humbly accepted my gracious offer and hopped to lay next to me. "Umm, aren't you missing your laptop?" I asked.
"You know what? Since I'll be here all night, I think it'd be nice to just catch up for a bit..."
So, we did. We caught up on what we both had experienced in life and reminisced about the times we would hang out. And, somewhere along the conversation she caught me mention that I was taking a few courses on massage.
"Really!? What kind of massage have you learned??" She exclaimed as she gained interest to the topic.
"I'm just taking a few courses, but so far I've just learned Swedish and Thai massage." I answered dismissively.
Of course(!!), she sprang up and made herself even more comfortable and asked to get a sneak peak of what I had learned. So, I excused myself to get the oils from my back pack. To my "surprise", when I entered the room again, she layed there topless (and yes, brawless too). She had stripped down to her panties!! (O_O)
So, I nervously approached and started my Swedish routine. And, not even 5 minutes into the massage she comments, "Aren't you feeling a little hot in that shirt? Why don't you take it off?" And, being the obedient acquaintance that I am, I take off my shirt. And, as I do, she turns over exposing herself. She then slowly takes off her panties and moans while touching herself. "Shocked", I don't know how to respond, but I do. I get on top of her and start kissing my way down to her breast, then down to get her abdomen.
She interrupts and reminds me, "Didn't you mention you've never showered with another girl before? I say today is the day." So, she stands up and holds me by the hand as she guides me to the shower. We make out as we head inside the shower and I blindly close the shower door and turn the shower on.
As the foreplay continues, she abruptly stops what we are doing and grabs me then shoves me inside of her. I thrust myself into her and she guides my hand over her b****** and continues the foreplay.
I then stop and pull out of her...
"I can't do this... You're going out with someone. I wouldn't want to be the other guy while your in here showering with another." I tell her.
"You're such a good guy. That's what I admire about you." She remarks. "You sure though? It's just this one time. I've always had a crush on you, but I've always figured I wasn't your type."
We stayed inside the shower for a while talking it over, but in the end my decision was as stood. So, we dried up and dressed up.
The room was quiet as she packed up her laptop and book. She then held my hand and guided me to the front as she walked herself out. And, at the front, she dismissed herself with, "If you ever change your mind, give me a call; yeah?"
I respond with a yes and embrace her with one last kiss goodbye.
"Thanks for the night." She commented as she walked out to the morning. I shut the door and walk back to my room as I yell at myself, "WTF(!!), That's not cool!!"
But, as annoyed as I was with myself, I lay in bed and forget anything ever happened and fell asleep...

So, yes. I slept with a female who was marked with a status of, "In a relationship". But, the true reason for not continuing the s** in the shower wasn't because of guilt. I didn't care if she had a boyfriend or not... (Sigh) Truth is... I had e********* less than 30 seconds into the penetration. Embarrassed, I pulled the "nice-guy" card out order to avoid the embarrassment of premature e**********. All I can say now is: It was hot while it lasted. LOL!!!! I know, I'm lame. (>_<)

Aug 26, 2012

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  • Why would he fake premature e**********?
    Because he's stupid. I don't see any of this happening.

  • Bullsh$%%t

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