My Wife and Her Friend

I'm new to this site and have read several posts in different categories. No doubt some are real, and some are fake, which is usually how it is with a public (free) site. I decided to make a post as well that no one will probably believe and that's okay. At least I'll be able to get it off my chest instead of keeping it all bottled up. I don't know how long it will be because as of now I'm not sure how much detail I'm willing to go into. So if it's long you can be patient and read it or just go to the next post. Your choice.

My wife and I have been married for a little over 5 years. I have been a m******** for as long as I can remember and made this known to my wife long before we married. She was fine with it, and willing to do pretty much whatever I wanted her to do in the form of abuse.

When the pandemic hit almost a year ago, I ended up losing my job. My wife had a good job doing computer work and we were both from fairly wealthy families, so we didn't hurt too much financially.

Shortly after the pandemic hit, my wife's best friend got divorced after having marital problems for more than a year. To make a long story shorter, my wife invited her to move in and live with us until she could get back on her feet again and she accepted the offer.

After the big crunch of the pandemic took place, my wife's friend was laid off and again to make a long story shorter, they talked about it and both decided to start working from home, since they both worked with computers and could do so with no problem.

Everything was going fine except my wife and I hardly had any time at all for foreplay. Foreplay was always important for us and my wife would sit on me or stand or walk on me and other things that I enjoyed her doing, and I in turn would do things that she enjoyed and could get turned on by. Anyway, after a few weeks of no foreplay, my wife and I were both getting pretty miserable with the situation. One night in bed, my wife asked me what I thought about her telling her friend about my being a m******** and the kind of abuse she gives me and see if she would be interested in joining in helping her abuse me. She didn't tell her that she would actually be joining the foreplay, just abusing me with her. It took her friend a while to let it all soak in, but she finally said if that's what we wanted, she didn't have a problem with it.

They had their computers set up in a spare bedroom, on a long table and worked side by side each day. So my wife suggested we buy some dining chairs to put at the table and take the bench presently at the dining table, in the computer room so I could lay flat of my back on it and she and her friend could sit on me while they work. I must admit here that a thrill of excitement shot through me because I had no idea my wife would come up with something so "hot!"

I replace the bench with dining chairs and moved the bench to the computer room and they were all set to start sitting on me the next morning. Now, my wife is 5'6" tall and weighs 145 pounds, give or take a pound or two. Her friend is about 5'8" tall and I'd guess weighs around 165 pounds. Both of them are very attractive and have nice, curvy figures that include bubble butts and thick thighs, slimmer waists and average to slightly above average b******.

So the next morning I was laying flat of my back on the bench in front of their computers, anxiously waiting for them to finish breakfast and come in an start to work. My wife's friend had been there long enough now that she was comfortable wearing her night clothes, like my wife, most of the morning. Their night clothes consisted of only their panties and a tee shirt that didn't even hide all of their panty clad butts. I had no idea who would sit where on me as my head was in front of one computer and my stomach in front of the other one. They set it all up so I didn't know which computer belonged to which girl.

Suddenly a thrill shot through every nerve in my body as I heard them laughing and talking in the hall as they approached the room where they worked. I turned my head on its side so that I was looking under the computer table and when they came into the room, neither of them even acknowledged me, but came right up to the bench I was on. My wife's friend stepped over the bench as my wife stepped in front of it above my head and they both sat down on me almost at the same time. My wife bounced on my head a couple of times to get it squarely under my butt and I felt her friend doing the same, just getting comfortable.

I immediately wondered what I had gotten myself in to! My head was being crushed under my wife's butt and I could hardly breathe with her friend sitting on my stomach, but neither of them seemed to care and didn't seem to be giving me a thought. They just turned their computers on, making small talk (I could only hear a mumble with my wife sitting on my head) and waiting for their computers to boot up.

I assumed my wife's computer finished booting up because she twisted slightly on my head for a final comfortable position and then I could feel her giggle on my head as she typed on the keyboard. I could feel the same on my stomach where her friend was sitting. I had no idea how long they would sit on me before giving me a break and I wasn't about to disturb them to give me a break, so I just lay there being squashed under them as they worked. Deep down though, as uncomfortable as I was, I was also loving it!

They would give me about a 15 minute break about ever 2 hours when they went to pour themselves a cup of coffee, and usually took about half an hour for lunch and occasionally they would bring it back to the room and sit on me while they ate it! They averaged working from 6 to 8 hours a day and both of them loved having me as a cushion to sit on. They said I made their jobs much more enjoyable. So I have been their cushion now for about 8 months.
My wife has also slowly led her friend into other portions of our foreplay. They've stood on my fingers, walked on me and even stomped on my fingers several times. Her friend doesn't have a problem with any of it so everything is working out just fine. My wife and I make love at least twice each night after we go to bed and our love life is back where it was...or better!

Feb 8, 2021

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  • Very intertwining.

    My hubby and I have been married for 25 years now. We moved into our home about 20 years ago. I developed a close relationship with our neighbor as we both had very young children. Andrea and I became very close. You might say we were “girl friends”. About 10 years ago during a pool party to celebrate my husbands 40th birthday she caught him eyeing her crotch I saw it to. I then looked and you could see her fire red bush. I went to Andrea and told her she was showing some bush. She said “ I know and Jim has been eying it. Let’s teach him a lesson “.

    Andrea stayed after to help clean up after the party as she always did. She sent her husband home with the kids and helped clean. But then she and Jim were no where to be found.

    I heard a familiar moan coming from my bedroom. I walked in and Jim was f****** the h*** out of Andrea. Now she is like 5 foot tall with heals on and Jim is six foot two and hung with an 8 inch c***. He was pounding her hard. She was morning a d screaming for him to go deeper. He was b**** deep in her. I thought he was going to hurt her.

    I just watched in amazement as she took a pounding and orgasmed twice gushing all over my bed. I never made her gush like that when I licked her p****. Then Jim unloaded inside her. She then said, “happy birthday Jim. Welcome to the over 40 club!”

    I then pushed him away from Andrea. He said, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean too...”. And then I went down on Andrea I licked his c** out of her p****. She started to moan. Jim then entered me from behind. He stuck it in my p**** first. Then my ass. He never gave me a*** before.

    I started probing my tongue inside Andrea she gushed in my face as I climaxed and Jim filled my ass with c**.

    We have had an amazing s** life together for the last 10 years.

    You should have your wife’s friend join in. Trust me you guys won’t regret it.

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