Does anyone know how to help me

I have this new girl that I really like we are not dating but we have had s** only a couple times. But two times I couldn't get it up and I'm extremely embarrassed like I think she might stop talking to me because I think she only uses me for s** which I'm fine with. I think I couldn't get it up because of the opioids I take if I stop taking them will I be proud again? She doesn't like a lot of foreplay so I didn't really have a chance to get hard can any one give me advice

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  • Well i do get a prescription for them I'm not like a pill junkie there's nothing more that I want than not to have to take them but there's no cure for my disease I probably should have mentioned that sorry guys

  • Your answer is in your post, stop the opiods.

  • Don't take opiods

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