My Nymphomaniac Wife

How I found out about my promiscuous wife.

After my wife and I had been married for over four year I found out how promiscuous she really was. When I started dating her she was just sixteen. I found out after we were married she had been going out with several guys at the same time when she was in high school. She went to school in Grapevine,Texas and I went to school in Ft Worth, Texas. They would take her parking and all would have s** with her. She told me that she had gone out with as many as four at a time. She told me she liked going out with guys and really missed it. How I found out, she was working at a office with four guys and two girls and she was one if the girls. She and this other girl had gone to lunch and when they got back, the guys were playing cards and my wife ask them what they were playing and they told her strip poker and ask her if she wanted to play. She told them that she didn't know how to play strip poker and besides if she lost they wouldn't have time to do anything. I guess this made my wife h**** because when we went to bed that night, she literally attack me. She started telling me what happened at work and she also told me about having s** with all these different guys when she was in High School. She told me she wanted me to start sharing her, she wanted to have three some's and having gang bangs. She said she was noting but a w**** and she liked being a s***. My wife told me about going out with her friend and her boy friend. This was when she and I were dating. My wife said they went out parking and my wife just sit in the back seat of the car while they had s**, she said that she got h**** listen to the them. After they were though, my wife's friend ask my wife if she would like to have s** with her boyfriend and my wife said yes she would like to. The boyfriend got in the back seat and started foreplay with my wife. My wife said she was so wet. When they started having s** my wife started screaming really loud. After we got married this couple started coming over to visit with us. After they left one night my wife and I had gone to bed and we started having foreplay, I told my wife that I thought Sherman wanted to get into her panties again. My wife said that was okay with her. I had taken some nude s** pictures of my wife and I ask her if she wanted me to show them to anybody and she said that she wanted me to show them to Bill our friend that is married to a girl named Sharon. My wife said she wanted to have s** with Bill and me and for me to take pictures of her and Bill having s** together. I said why don't you get Sharon to do it and my wife said very quickly, no get Bill to. Another time I didn't know about my wife meet two guys from San Antonio, Texas. She gave them her telephone number and they started calling her. They made a trip up to Ft Worth,Texas and one of them went to my girlfriends house and she told her mother that she was going to show him around the new airport. Instead they went to the motel that he and his friend were staying at. She told me that they got her on the bed and started kissing on her and taking her clothes off. They took turns having s** with her, she was gone for 5 hours. This happened on a Saturday and she and I had a date Sunday night. I had wanted to have s** with her but she said she was to sore, being a dumb guy I didn't know why she was to sore. My wife is just a w****. This is all true about my wife.

25 days

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  • My wife goes on long sales trips with her boss and three staff members, they stay in hotels and she is jokingly called their camp cook, since she gets shared, sometimes 2 or 3 at once.
    This is just four times a year, last one was to Shrevesport. She told me they had her do a strip tease for a half dozen clients, right down to lying down and spreading wide.
    They made the sale on that one, a quarter million dollar order, but she ended up having to s**** all six.
    H***, I don't care she comes home and while she is gone I have my own outlets.
    Tammy at the massage parlor I go to comes right over to our house, she is 23 and a fox, $200 for all night.
    Wife and I share an account, she gives me a few grand a month for mad money, she is the real breadwinner around here.

  • I would love to have s** with this naughty wife. Like to find a married woman like her in N.E Ohio to have some fun with.

  • Wow. Your wife sounds like a kindred spirit.

    Would love to meet her and allow her to take my hubby for a ride.

  • My first wife was a bit of a s***, when we 1st got married she was fine, but I got drafted during Vietnam. During high school, she had a bit of a reputation so several guys preceded me.
    But, I liked her, she was great in the sack and had an incredi8ble figure.
    I told her that while I was gone, things might "happen" and I would not be angry if she played some also because no way could I go the entire six months tour without s**.
    I was back home in four months, two holes in me, one of the lucky ones. Lots of the guys got sent home in pieces.
    My wife was happy to see me, we stopped along the freeway, climbed over a fence and had s** behind some trees, got back to the car just in time as a tow truck driver was going to haul it away.
    That night at home, a guy I knew from work earlier showed up, not a bud at all, no reason to come by and of course he did not know I was home. Easy to tell by his reaction when I answered the door.
    Turn out the wife had been s******* him and just about everyone else in our county, seems she took what I said to heart. She also did not stop, way too many time gone lord knows where, "shopping" but no purchases.
    So, after a talk, we agreed to an open marriage, but when she caught me f****** her sister she got all snotty, and we broke up.

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