Even though...

Even though you hurt me and confused me more than anyone else. Even though you lead me along into thinking I had a chance with you. And even though you don't deserve any of my sincerity, kindness, or my thoughts, I wish you the very best in life, and I hope you'll always be happy. But after this, every thought I've ever had of you will be turned into a negative one, and you will no longer be in my thoughts, life, or dreams.



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  • If this is who I think it was, you are delusional and need lithium even more than your loser brother does.

    I do NOT wish you the best in life. I wish for you to get back what you have so freely given out, and in a way that it actually penetrates your thick skull. That will never happen though, will it? Every time you get what you deserve, you just turn it into yet another "everybody pity poor little me" song with repetitive lyrics. You're too busy pitying yourself to learn from your "mistakes".

  • I dont know who you are but if you are writing to me, then I left because you are crazy. You are childish, ignornt, stubborn, and a bigot. I dont care if you wish me well or not, you cost me more than money, you wasted my life.

  • I never meant to hurt you or mislead you, and I truly love you and always will no matter where you go in your life. Please know this isn't what I wanted for my life, I'm sacrificing for something bigger than my needs. I'll always love you.

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