My wife's niece

I had s** with my 19 year old niece on my wife's side(no blood relation) for a month. We had s** over 20 times, I came in her each time hoping that I would knock her up. I lied to her and told her I had a vasectomy and couldn't make any more babies, I actually did get a vasectomy 2 months after the affair ended. We both enjoyed the s**, my wife has never found out. In fact I had submitted to a polygraph to prove to my wife I hadn't had any affairs and I beat it.

Aug 28, 2012

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  • Sick perversion runs amuck

  • When I was in my late teens I f***** my sister. She was in her late 20's. I was drunk and Im not pround of it. I then f***** my cousin just a couple of years ago. She was in her late teens. Im now in my mid 30's and have two neices in their mid 20's. The one is beautiful and works for a company I own. There is no doubt in my mind that if the opportunity arises, I would f*** her too. I would risk my personal success, businesses and family. I would c** in her and risk it all. Thats just the way I roll. Ive f***** over 120 different girls and women in my life. Their ages ranged from 14 to 68. (I was in my late teens and early 20's when I f***** girls under 18) They were a mix of girlfriends, fwb, one night stands and hookers. I think Im a s** addict. Lol. This is all 100% true. No trolling. It felt good to write it out. Thanks

  • I"ve two neices,one is 29 and other one is 25.I"m badly infatuated to both,esp,the older one from last many years.I wish Icould secretly marry them and go to honeymoon and enjoy the threesome and do all kind of coceivable erotic sexual things with them.I always m********* on their photos.

  • I'd like to watch😃

  • Sssss

  • Very sexy, and I admire your ability to tap that family ass. Damn! And I hope you knocked that ass up, too!! If you didn't, you need to go back and keeping tapping it until you do.

  • Troll.

  • (i'm OP)First, I'm no troll, this is really what happened. Second, I didn't knock her up and I've had a vasectomy so no matter how many more times I have s** with her I can't knock her up at this point.

    To the poster about his 15 year old niece. Sick to do her as a kid. wait until she's an adult. If you still want to do her fine. If not, you have a pedophilic urge that needs professional help. I didn't have to persuade her to have s** with me. She had been fantasizing about having s** with her since she was 16 and we were just simply both making the other's fantasy come true. She didn't need convincing to not tell because it was a mutual decision to keep our affair secret. She had a fiance at the time as well and didn't want him to find out either.

  • My wife has two nieces, one is 22 the other 15 and just got her braces off. They're both gorgeous, but it's the 15 year old that I really want to have a go at. I don't care if she gets pregnant or not, I just want to pork her. How did you persuade your niece to have s** with you and not tell your wife?

  • OP here, I didn't have to persuade her to have s** with me. I told her I thought she was hot and she said the same of me. I then told her I had always wondered what it would be like to f*** her and she expressed a similar interest. It was more of a mutual desire to f*** each other.

  • Do you still check up on this? I would love to discuss my experience with you.

  • So how many kid's have you molested, you sick f***. Someone needs to turn your ass in to the cops!!

  • Lmao, shut up. Like you didn't come to this site to read or post things like this. Who's the real sicko here?

  • No one likes a white knight.

  • Did you finally knock her up?

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