He's hot

This isn't some political thing, so please don't start an argument or whatever in the comments. I just want to confess something that's been on my mind.
I think Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's VP nominee, is so f****** sexy that I fantasize about him f****** me, hard. I would go to his house when his family isn't there and have a passionate affair with him. He's so hot.

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  • Go to Jim Henson's Creature Shop and ask them for a retired Muppet with jug ears, big sad eyes and a downturned mouth. It'll be the same thing, plus the Muppet won't quote Ayn Rand at you while downplaying the fact that it went to college on taxpayer money.

  • You can have.him.... Ill take scott brown

  • ITs a fantsy have s** who you want with

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