Sextexting relationship only

Iam having a strictly texting relationship with the delivery boy who has seen me twice! how did this happen? we have sent very intimate pictures to each other, texted intimate things to each other, talked about life, we have been texting every day for a month now or maybe a little less.i am very turned on by this secret yet silent relationship we have.some might consider it an affair - yet no actual touching or speaking has occurred so strange.also I have identified as q****, as lesbian, since I was 19 years old, never having once dated a man in any way shape or form.the sight of his man parts, is driving me nuts, I feel like I missed out on so much in a a way its so weird.but the delivery boy, texted me back in june telling me how beautiful I am, I said thanks we chatted and he asked me out and I told him I had a partner, he respected that and let it go.Then a month later he delivered to me and upon leaving texted me and said how beautiful I am, how he would like to spend some time with me, get to know me, I told him I would like to but I cant now.he let it go, then a week later texted me and said hi beautiful just thinking about you, we talked a llittle, then we talked every single day since then through text.he makes me so hot and excited, the idea of it, of him, of us, the secret, the fact that it's a man are all huge turns on that I cant seem to let go of, I like it, h***, I even can say that I love it! It feels good to write this out and to get this outside of me.holy wow.ok thats all I got.

Sep 1, 2012

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  • Good story. Now go out, meet him, and f*** his brains out.

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