Sub Fantasy, what is wrong with me?

I am a very feisty and dominating girl, I listen to no one and do whatever I please, obviously I am dominating in the bed room too...but here's the thing..I want someone to put me in my place so bad! I want a man to overpower me, tie me and do whatever he pleases with me..pinch and ** and bite my ** and have me ride him, ** in me, over my **, and just use me for his pleasure. I would NEVER willingly do this, lol so I would have to be forced and that idea of me being someone's ** slave is sooo hot!!

Im conflicted because I believe women should be strong, but I also want someone to make me do what he wants, share me with his friends, make me strip, just do whatever, it gets me really hot.

Next Confession

I'm a terrible boyfriend..

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  • I can do this for you. u want? ive got ideas you may like.

  • My wife is always looking for a DOM she is trained, lives to serve she never hesitates to ** whoever I want her to. Her uncle still tells her he owns her I am turned on knowing she is a **. Over the years she has gotten pregnant 3 times with one abortion. She had one abortion because she though her uncle knocked her up....We are active swingers, she is also a Sub and has a Dom who is a ** to her. She now spends half her time with her Dom he literally owns her which I support...

  • Well I think ** would let you do that

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