Take control of me

I want a woman to take control of me in the bedroom. I want her to tell me want she wants me to do to her. I want to fulfill her fantasies. I want her to make me her b****. I'll even dress up in her panties and pantyhose and let me f*** my ass with a strap on. Whatever she wants me to do. I would let her invite another guy over and have her make me watch. If she tells me to suck him I would. Whatever she wants be to do that would turn her on. Ladies what would u like me to do I like to hear.

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  • You cucks never beg a female for s***

  • I'm living this life and let me tell you it's great! I'm 33 and my girlfriend is 25. I'm not bad looking but I make a ton of money so my girlfriend lives a life she wouldn't be able to have without me. We've been together 2 yrs, after a year she wanted to break up. I begged her, I was on my knees in front of her and she loved it. Since then she has me doing all sorts to keep together. She has f***** me in the ass, she has f***** so many other guys, some in front of me, made me lick her cummy p****, once even forced me to suck a c*** clean, she makes me wear her panties to work, whips me, makes me kiss and lick her feet a lot, I take her shopping loads and she flirts with other guys while I hold her bags. She repays me with one mind blowing b****** a week and she needs s** daily, and she needs it good. She legs wrapped around me, nails in my back kind of h****. If I'm not good enough she stops s** and gets out a big black d****, f**** herself and makes me lick it clean after. I know it's f***** up, but she is hot and I love being her slave.

  • That sounds great as long as you both are having fun.

  • I love that too, except another live spectator. I'm OK if it's her female friend, but not male.

  • I think that's your fantasy. Whats in it for her?

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