How many guys... too many guys?

I'm eighteen years old, but will be 19 in November. I've been sexually active for two years and have had five sexual partners. I'm fine with my number, but I'm curious to hear opinions.

How many is too many?

Sep 7, 2012

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  • I was married when I was 16 because my boyfriend got me pregnant. We were divorced less than 2 years later. I have a friend who was also divorced and she let me move in with her until I got on my feet. One night we went to a local bar and ended up going home with different guys. The next day she told me that she did 4 guys the night before, but I only had two. We decided we would see how many different guys we could do in the next six months. She did 63 guys and I did 76. A lot of those we did more than once, I did a guy name Jerry 28 times because he had stamina, the best, longest lasting d*** I ever had (until my present guy), but he was married. To this day neither of us regrets what we did that summer and I know I am quite proud of it. It was a great learning experience, one that taught me many ways to have s**, including the night I did 12 guys at a party for my sister. Don't feel guilty, that is baggage you do not need. My present guy and I have been together for over 20 years and he knows all about my life history. And by the way, he's got excellent stamina too, I usually have to beg him to stop!

  • I have been with 36 women including my wife. And 5 men (mostly oral, 3x in my backdoor not my cup of tea) i shared my experiences with my wife, so no secerts could be eat away at me. Secondly i felt it was the right thing to do. Also shared my childhood and pre-teen and teen year experiences. Wasn't trying to get het too feel sorry for me. Wanted her to know what she was getting into by marrying me.

  • Continued comment from above.. i'm in my late 40's, sometimes I wish I would have waited till I was actually married. I didn't have my 1st kid till I was 37. This share might give you some perspective. If your feeling a little upset by your 5 people. Maybe take some time for self reflection. And abstained from sexual relations for a while. S** is not love. nor is love s**.

  • 1000...but that is just a fantasy...LOL!

  • The answer is always going to be "more than you have been with so far"

  • Im 20 and I've had s** with over 45 guys. Between 18 and 19 I'm sure it was arround 22 I'm always safe but idc i love that D***

  • If you are not married to a person of the opposite s**, then 1 is too many.

  • This said by someone that cant get any today

  • Really ?

  • You are an oppressive c***, do you know that?

  • And afterwords, there isn't a limit right?

  • You can never get enough men. I am a 42 year old gay man in LA and I have had over 300 men and I want more d***. Tom P

  • 5 is fine. Like someone said, just take care of yourself and remember you only live once.

  • Well..... Am 19 also studying law in london but I also have 3 sister .. Very young and smart all into med .. To me it does matter how many as long as you carry about yourself in a decent manner and respect your self .. You enjoy yourself .. One life .. Make as much momment and value all the smile in it ... Lol....

  • Lol.. I got 13 and I'm 19

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