I am racist against muslims but my wife is muslim

When I met her I was attracted to her physically but I'm attracted to a lot women physically. I expressed my attraction to her and told her I wanted to be her bf. We started hooking up and I ended up f****** her. I wouldn't necessarily say she wanted it to happen. I took her virginity and she was 35 at the time. A 35 year old virgin, can u believe it ? She hadn't even kissed anyone before me. So now I kinda feel like a traitor for marrying a muslim Arab and now i gotta put up being around all these f****** Allah worshipping terrorists and some of them even insult her cause she married me, can u believe it? These f****** Arabs come here to America and they f****** insult me? BTW, she is from Egypt and I'm from Colorado. I am also Hispanic so I even wonder how American I really can be. But then I figure I gotta he mostly American since I was born and raised hree. And now I find myself dialiking Arabs more now than before as compensation for marrying my wife.

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  • Well bro I feel for you but you have no one else to blame but yourself, thats what happens when you think with the wrong Head.... or should I say don't think with any head.. LOL

  • This is America, you can clock any of those m************ in the mouth anytime you want. Beg them to say something to your face, then knock those table cloth wearing sacks of crap right on their ass....then yell"NEXT"
    Sorry f**** shouldn't be here anyway if they don't like the culture.

    PS pay no mind to the other jacksalot responding on here, he's probably some used camel dealer as well.

  • You are an idiot. Men like you make me sick. You're not white yourself, yet you're a racist? Would you rather have a white girl who has slept with fifty people before you? I'm not an Arab myself but I know what's right and wrong.

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