ur my friend but

you almost ripped that dude's jaw off, seriously. You actually put your hands in his f****** mouth and nearly RIPPED. HIS. JAW. OFF. If his wife hadn't jumped on your back when she did, you would have succeeded. Dude. I'm sickened and awed you would even think of that! You took on three f****** people! You're 5 foot 8! There wasn't a scratch on you! You're like... a miniature version of The Hulk!

That streak of homocidal rage you have? Oh yeah, I'm a tad freaked by you.

Notice I'd rather confess it here than to your face...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • GOOD. People need to learn that being small doesn't necessarily mean you can't kick some serious a$$. If you have to go to Psycho Town to prove your point, so be it!!

  • don't u no i get on here to? u little p****!!! nest time i c u im gonna rip yr jaw off so bad!!!!!!! u sob!!

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