This is not a fanticy.

This is not a fanticy.

I am a guy who has longed to be treated like a girl. The need to crossdress and be female is so strong inside me. The more I read stories of this the more I feel the need. I have always felt this way and have been crossdressed as a female by a couple of my past girlfriends and taken out clubing. It was fun and I enjoyed it alot. The one took me to female gay bar and then to a male gay bar. I enjoyed it so much and she treated me as a female most of the time we were together. She had me dress as female most of the time and would try to sway me to date men. I never did date a man and have never been with one but I find myself think about it from time to time, thinking I should have tryed it when I was with her.

I now am married for seven years now but she knows nothing about my past. She thiks I am a manly man. I can not tell her since I have never brought it up befor during our dating. I think she would look at me as a lier and a f**. I am pritty sure she would want a divorce. I do not know what to do, the urgies are so strong to be a girly boy that I at times I have almost come right out and confessed to her. Then other times I think maybe I should go out with a guy and see if it is what I realy want.

If I had my way I would be a sissy boy and live as one with her being the head of the household. She would accept me as I am and understand my need to be with a man since I would be a girly boy. She would have to have her real man lover also but we would all three be in the same house. This is not a fanticy but what I truly would like to happen.

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  • Go for it. Do whatever feels natural to you and you alone. You don't need society's approval. Just be happy with who you are. You have supporters out there!

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