I find it hard to make female friends (I'm female)

For as long as I can remember I've always felt more comfortable hanging out with guys. I've always had more male friends than female, and I find most women really freaking annoying.

I have about 2 close female friends that are similar to me, like gaming, motorsport e.t.c and one of them is a lesbian, hah!

Whenever I'm at work and there's a gaggle of women I feel really awkward and feel like they all find me weird because I'm not like them. I hate reality TV, I hate anything girly (I do wear dresses and don't dress like a man I just hate the 'girly' 'ditzy' mentality), I hate children and talking about children, I hate talking about make up, I hate discussing inane crap.

I like talking about space, politics, gaming, cars, motorbikes, memes, random s*** that makes me laugh.

I just feel there are a select few people like me, especially girls, and I find it difficult to relate to the majority of females. It's especially noticeable for me in a workplace.

Not sure what to do. I'll always just be myself but I just sometimes sit and think....are the majority of women this tedious and bitchy?

Jul 16, 2015

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  • You are not alone! :) I've had to change careers because I don't hang well with fellow women. All they want to do is gossip, babble about shoes and babies, and put most of their energy into making life h3ll for any "sister" who isn't enough like them. Don't get me started about "queen bee" types either. They think they're hot stuff, but the only reason why several are still above ground is because I have much more self-control than they do.

  • I grew up with negative female role models and I feel uncomfortable around women. I've also found women to be judgmental and tell me what they think I should do. So I totally understand your outlook. I've tried to be friends with women and gave it my all for at least a decade, but they turned out to be users and overly opinionated. I've given up.

  • Sounds like you need to be more proud of your self. I mean you are you. Smile.

    Many guys and I guess some women find (sweeping generalisation here) women in the work place to be bitchy. Maybe it is their way of being Compeditive? Who knows.

    Hang with the people you like and relate professionally to everyone else

  • Nice bit of non-advice there. OP can be as professional as she likes, but women are ninjas at getting non-professionalism past the radar. That's something you know now, O naive one.

  • Your best bet for meeting other women who like what you like would be meetup.com or other social groups where you can find or start an interest group. You're never going to find someone who likes everything you like. Maybe you need to be more open-minded instead of then dissing what others like. There are all kinds of people that you meet in the workplace. You may not find your best friend there, but you can certainly work on participating. Or doing the inviting instead of waiting for someone else to include you. Suggest a group lunch, after work happy hour, office potluck, chatting with the person next to you.. Even if you have nothing in common, there could be some ladies in the bunch that you just like to talk with. You have to find that common ground - you already have the workplace in common. Offer up information that you read about that interests you, start a conversation and let people get to know you. Politics and religion are always dicey subjects - because you have to be open to hearing opposing points of views and if you have strong idea. Maybe not the best workplace fodder. But open up and share some tidbits about space or gaming or whatever. Talk to them about how you became interested. Some of your co-workers may find it really interesting to learn about you and your interests. And you could learn about them..that's sort of how friendships work.

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