Not sure if this is weird or not...

So I'm 18, female, and I like working out at the gym and getting toned. I consider myself to be fairly more masculine than the average chick my age, and no matter how girly I dress or act, I feel like it just doesn't look good on me. Now the weird part is that for some reason, I'm attracted to soft-looking girly guys, and I really wish I could date one...

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My husband doesn't want to have ** with me

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  • I would Love a girl like you. 😍😍😍
    The thought of a woman who would accept me for me sounds like Heaven.

  • Opposites attract. Maybe those guys want a girl like yo too.

  • That kinda hot. Ever think about guys dressed like girls or swapping roles? Lots of girls fantasize about being the man and ** their guy with a **. Was with a girl who wanted to try it and I couldn't get into the idea. Then one day she said she wanted to see me in her clothes. Ended up really enjoying that. Felt genuinely ** for the first time in my life. Then she wanted me to put on makeup so I did and when I walked into the room she said I made an even better looking woman (the whole thing gave me new found respect for women btw I know y'all struggle as a tourist Of the female form so to say) and then she got quiet. Turned out she also thought I made a prettier girl than she did and instantly felt inferior and started to fear I would leave her for a man which was just silly. She finally asks again about role reversal and while dolled up in some lace etc that suddenly sounded interesting. Gave it a shot and I loved it. She, who's fantasy it was, did not. I wish I could find a female who could embrace my feminine side too but they all thing a man who likes to be a woman from time to time is gay. While it may have opened me up to experimenting with men sexually they don't really appeal to me. Still love the lady's. You may be weird by societies standards but embrace it and be you. Even your weirdness will find someone who loves it and not just
    anyone can pull it off.

  • Leave gym workout and concentrate on aerobic and yoga exercises. Meanwhile, you may opt for lesbian relationship. This might bring back your feminine side of physical form.

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