I hate to love

I love you alexa, but i know you will never love me. you walk around with jacob, your arms locked tightly, his hand on your waist. the pain i feel whenever i see you look passionately up in his eyes, and the fact that i will never feel that connection with you, it makes my heart melt with anger, sadness, and jealousy... you love him too much, thats why i havent done anything to him. i dont want to hurt you.... im on the verge of tears this instant... i hear people complain about being stuck in the friend zone, and how their life is over because of it... but this is worse... she loves me "like a brother"
i know that i can never have you. i guess i just have to accept it... but just know that i love you with all my heart, and that as long as you are happy, im happy... i have loved you since i met you when i was three, even though it didnt seem like it at times... when you kiss him, i die just a little inside, but when i look in your eyes, that dead piece of me comes back to haunt me. this is what you do to me, baby. and even if you wisper eats my ear, our sacrament of salmon and irish beer.. will... still.. be here. and even if your friends dont understand, no matter what ill always be your man. even if you go, you know youll leave me feeling grand! i love you alexa. no matter what, or who happens...

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I was there once. Looking back on it it seems almost foolish how much I cared. My wife is so much more amazing than the other girl ever was. You will find out in time.

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