Ex racist

I used to be really racist and I think I still have some racist views. I didn't realize that the way I was was so wrapped up in my need to feel superior and to own and dominate everything. I feel really ashamed of my mentality and God, I hope I can be forgiven in this lifetime. Karma has already been a terrible thing to taste.

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  • I use to hate Blacks because of mom and dad that's all I heard in my younger years then at 16 I got f***** by a Black out behind the bleachers at school during PE and he took his time with me and I learned to love Black C*** and their big lips on my nipples. He got me almost daily for three months except on the week ends.
    I thought I hated Mexicans to till again I got f***** by four of them every single week end and still do and if I don't meet them when he tells via my phone they said they will come in during the night and f*** everyone in the house. Yes they know where I live for several have snuck into my room at night and f***** me till wee hours of the morning, even been there when mom knocked on my door telling me to get out of bed. The oldest is 32 and the youngest who surprisingly has the biggest c*** I've ever had is only 23 and loves me analy. I dread when I have to go back to school again.

  • In my county there are gepsys most people dont lik them they steal fight beg dont work i found a different way of dealing with them i pretend 2 help them lik when a man is n prison i giv money to his wife kids 2 date i hav f***** 3 wives 2 daughters

  • Everyone is racist,to a certain extent.
    It's human nature to judge others and so forth.However,there are different forms of racism and prejudice.Some people take it,too far.And some people,have taken it,too far e.g.The KKK,the Night's Watch people etc.

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