Not really a "Relationship" more FWB

I am in the worst relationship. One with no commitment, no promises, but lots of tongue. I am in love with him, i have turned myself into an object for his use. Given him a bj, and have not regretted it.He has ignored for the better part of out 'friendship' when I asked him out and after giving him head. Afterwards, we started talking and became friends. And started makingout when no one was looking. He was once kind and loving. And has became sexual and wanting. And when he couldnt get everything from me. He started going after others, without ending things with me. Im tired and done with this. Im not a option. But he is just so hot and amazing, funny, but a dickface. But i am in love with him, everything of him. But have never confessed. i even cut myself because he doesnt love me back( not deeply, just stratches) And I found out that he told my best friend,'I wish [she] to get over me.'
Im falling apart.

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  • Go with it until it runs it's course. I have a FWB business group friend who only contacts me when she needs or wants something, including s**, yet, dates other guys and occasionally has a bf. She's petite, slender (freaks out if goes about 106 lbs), and sexy. We have our fun together and both know the deal. Did make me dinner one night, which felt "relationshippy", and we had s** afterwards, but...That's all it was. A good dinner, s**, and I went home (actually, hit the bar afterwards).

    A lot of other guys would love to be in my position with her. She'll even do the little things I like, i.e.- polish her nails red (my favorite color), wear her hair down instead of up, and, if we're in public, play the gf even though all we do is have amazing s**.

  • No one keeps a h***** honey, words to live by. You giving blow jobs for free sends one're not a keeper, you're a c*********.
    Get some self respect and quit hitting your knees so much.

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