Do I love my husband or hate him?

I am trapped in a f***** up marriage and co dependent relationship which I have no idea how to get out of. I don't know any longer how I feel about I love him? Do I hate him? I don't know.

I'm scared, depressed and...if it weren't for my children I would just kill myself.

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  • Amazing no one asks why its f***** up ? You all assume the man is f-ing up somewhere when for all intent purposes this could be the typical "I want to be the pedestal princess and receive all I think is owed me on a daily basis and do absolutely nothing for it" type woman. Why not some more facts about why your life is so bad ?

  • Tell him how unhappy you are. If he truly loves you and wants to make it work, he'll do anything to change things for the better. If not, it may well give you the fresh start you need. Either way, it will seem like a scary thing to face, but it's far better than destroying yourself by keeping it all locked up inside.

  • Get out. It will be hard but best for you and your kids in the end. Growing up in that environment could really have a negative impact

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