I still see him, even today...

Once, I had a very good friend. He was my first college friend after moving away for school. He showed me the ropes, we went to a Styx concert for his birthday, all was great. Then he kept telling me to be his boyfriend. I told him I didn't want a relationship, but he kept insisting. I would dodge the question, and he would seem okay with it. Then he started abusing me...not injuring me, but grabbing my wrists hard and throwing me onto sofas when I wouldn't do something right. He kept trying to touch me inappropriately, and I kept trying nicely to make him stop. But he'd keep doing it...and I kept coming back to him, because he was my friend. My ONLY friend, and I didn't want to think about being alone. Finally, he found a girlfriend, and told me then that he had absolutely no use for me anymore, so I should stop talking to him. Thing is, though...he kept talking to me, reminding me of the friendship, albeit abuse, that we had, and that it was now gone. Since then, I think he's graduated, because I neither see nor talk to him.
But I still see him...I have nightmares about him. I'll panic if I see the back of someone's head that resembled him, I'll do double takes, thinking he's there. I want it to stop. I want to stop thinking about him...

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  • What is this bettyboo doing the do? on the trampolines betty lileggbeaters

    Yeh I want you to have guilty thoughts meghan exposed dominatrix destroyed, I am sick of you imposing your bullying and abuse sanctions on me getting your nigs to tell me I have to do penance. how about you do some hard penance s*** w****. spoilt bullying ugly t***. get fat all of ya.

  • Please leabe that guy your with if you don't he will hurt you call your parents, just leaving him, for your own safety,

  • I'm sorry for you. It will not stop easily. It was years before I recovered from her emotional abuse. Years and alot of breakdowns and a few break-throughs. It will be very hard. But if you truely want him out of your mind you will have to work through a lot of things. Seek professional help. It made all the difference for me. Case and point being I am still alive. Good luck.

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