I've been lieing to you.

I'm not in college full time, I'm only part time. I screwed up my grades, and have to pay out of my own pocket. That's why I never have money when you need it from me. I am a failure, and I feel like my life has been a waste. I keep thinking more and more about killing myself lately, I know its wrong and won't solve anything, but, its the other voice in my head that's telling me to die. Its my own voice...

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  • You are not a failure. All you need to do is; Feel what you want to change, Define what it is you want, Plan on how you will acheive it, and then DO it! Lots of people are stressed about money these days, you're not alone. You need to stay optimistic in life, or the voice in your head will take over. Positive thinking is the answer!

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